Enjoy the beautiful McClendon House flags that are currently on display at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Tyler, Texas.

The Bonner-Whitaker-McClendon House, built in 1878, received designation as a Tyler Historic Landmark in 1984. Also recorded as a Texas Historic Landmark the house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Of the 76 homes or buildings listed in the Tyler Register of Historic Places, only two are available for tours: The Goodman-Le-Grand Home which is owned and operated as the Goodman Museum by the city of Tyler and the McClendon House which is self-financed and self-sustaining.

Judge M. H. Bonner, a Texas State Supreme Court Associate Justice, bought a parcel of land from the estate of his former law partner, Texas’ first governor, J. Pinckney Henderson. When Judge Bonner’s oldest daughter, Mattie married attorney Harrison Whitaker, the newlyweds were gifted two acres on which they built their home in 1878. The Whitakers shopped in New York for fireplace mantles, light fixtures, wallpaper and much of their furniture. They selected an East Lake Bracketed architectural design for construction of their two-story nine room home. The house became a central point for Tyler society as the Whitakers presided over dinners and parties, all celebrated in grand Victorian style. Sadly, Mattie suffered an untimely death and five years later the house was sold to Mattie’s younger sister, Annie and her husband, Sidney McClendon. The McClendon’s had nine children, the youngest of which, Sarah, embodied the values of her parents and grandparents as she became a noted Washington, D. C. news journalist whose career spanned the terms of 12 presidents from Franklin Roosevelt to George W. Bush. The McClendon House is open for tours, and available for other events.  The McClendon House could be the perfect place for your next function. Whether you are planning a birthday or anniversary party, reunion, business meeting, luncheon, bridal or baby shower, tea, ice cream social or even a Murder Mystery that includes refreshments and an evening of fun, call us to check out the possibilities. A service offered by the McClendon House is our Full Service Flag Campaign in Tyler! For more information click on the link to our Flag page. To explore possibilities for your use of this wonderful Victorian house contact us at 903-592-3533 or by using our general contact form online or the forms available on the different pages available for your information of the services we offer. Take a step back to the grand age of Victorian times.